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About Us

Who Are We?

All 12 Volt is a Sydney based family business with over 30 years experience in electronic engineering and run by caravan, camping, hunting, 4WD and LED fanatics – just like you!

We love nothing more than heading off for the long weekend out to the middle of nowhere to enjoy all that life has to offer. That doesn’t mean however, that we have to go without the luxuries of home whenever we go away.

After many years of travelling and over 30 years in electronic engineering I was always building and modifying products to suit our day to day requirements, we have met so many travellers just like us that always asked about the products we had. So we have spent the last 5 years testing products for the Australian climate.


In 1992 Tony his first business installing and repairing car audio systems. After competing in many Car Audio Sound Offs, against some of the big brands as his competition, and winning first prize time after time, he proved that by simply entering his vehicle with the most basic sound system was enough to wipe out his competitors . His secret was to modify the components on the circuit boards. He did this to prove that you don’t need to spend an absolute fortune to get a quality product. After many years he took his knowledge to the manufacturers and helped them produce a better and more reliable product. His clients were some of the world’s Leading Brand names.

Tony had a few hobbies, one of which was caravanning and modifying the faulty 12 Volt Accessories to work and keep on working. He then started modifying products for a lot of travellers just like you. After many years of doing this and talking to people who were so fed up with the lack of quality products that actually worked and were reliable, without having to pay a fortune, he decided to approach some of the manufacturers overseas and started developing a product range that IS RELIABLE AND AFFORDABLE.
Tony’s friends call him Tones. He wanted a brand name that was personal to him, as well as reflected the strength and durability of the products he had developed. So that’s how our Brand ZENOT was developed. Its Tonys name in reverse.
Another hobby was Hunting. He loves nothing more than the Australian Outdoors. He also got fed up with his hobby being so expensive, so his next mission was to import quality Hunting Gear and accessories so he could sell them to all the hunting enthusiasts without the huge price tag. He sourced the best quality products and materials that were available. He took with him a briefcase full of big brand name products and compared them with the manufacturers products. He found that a lot of the big brand name products were manufactured with the same quality fabrics and accessories that he had sourced and realised the Australian market really was being ripped off. He now imports our Hunting range under the brand TRUE ADVENTURE OUTDOOR which offers you the same high quality as the big brands at a fraction of the price!
As well as the hunting clothes and accessories Tony sourced are our Rifle Scopes. Again, the mark up on rifle scopes was astonishing for the big brands. So after much research he came across the DISCOVERY brand. This factory is a major supplier of rifle scopes. It’s scopes are sold all over the world and are huge in the UK and USA markets. Most of all, he was so impressed with the LIFETIME WARRANTY on every scope, which is unheard of with other scopes on the market. These products are now available to him and available in Australia. So with the accuracy required when out hunting, he decided that these scopes are worth more than their price.
Winches were another frustration for him as it was one of two scenarios,You either pay big money to get a quality product, or you pay cheap and get cheap and nasty products that don’t hold up. So again he sourced the factory that sold the big brand names and imported them under the brand TRUE ADVENTURE OUTDOOR. Our winches are built using the same high quality materials as the big brand Winches however we sell them at a fraction of the price. He also removed all steel ropes and replaced them with Genuine DYNEEMA ROPE. ( Not Asian Synthetic Rope)

So after reading this, you can see that Tony loved nothing more than the Australian Outdoors, and hated being ripped off in stores or buying from online sellers and ending up with underperforming products. Please take your time to look through our catalogue. We know our products are so much better than the rest, and best of all, you don’t need to pay an absolute fortune.

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