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Zenot 12V 135AH Deep Cycle AGM & Extreme Battery Box

SKU: Z-BB135 $569.00

135amp battery complete with Zenot Extreme Battery Box, Battery box is fitted with 2 cigarette socks 4x 2.1 amp usb sockets 2 anderson sockets. 2 Years Warranty.

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dual battery set up

Zenot 135 AMP Dual Battery System & DC-DC Charger

SKU: Z-BPK1 $1,057.00

This is the complete 12V dual battery system, Complete with wiring harness, DC DC charger a Zenot extreme battery box also a massive 135 AMP AGM Gel battery. 2 Years Warranty

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Are You Looking For A Dual Battery System?  

Dual battery systems can be helpful in many ways. For example, if you are thinking of a portable dual battery system for your vehicle, it will prove very beneficial. When you’re running an electric vehicle and travel long distances, this battery system will work the best for you. The risks involved with lithium dual battery systems are also minimal. If you like to use your electric vehicle for long-distance travel and camping, investing in this battery system will be one of the best things you can do.

Purchase Dual Battery Systems From Us 

If you need help with understanding and getting a portable dual battery system, All 12 Volt staff will be able to supply it to you and provide a great reader dual battery setup as well. Because you need a very reliable product, you need to make sure that the dual battery system is guaranteed to work when you are out and about. If you want to make sure that the most trusted professionals are supplying the material to you, choose All 12 Volt

Features Of Our Dual Battery Systems 

We are going to look at all the amazing features of the portable dual battery system that we will provide you, including key elements of our lithium dual battery system: 

  1. Battery Wiring Kit

    The battery wiring kit is one of the important parts of our dual battery system. It is designed to be a simple plug and play solution. It is a simple DIY. Depending on your vehicle requirements, you can go for a DC-DC charger or a VSR. 

  2. Deep Cycle AGM & Extreme Battery Box

    Our product is manufactured by Zenot. It is a 12V 135AH deep-cycle AGM and extreme battery box with a two-year warranty. This is a portable dual battery system and it will allow you to store two batteries at a time. You will enjoy many benefits of this extreme battery box.

  3. 135 AMP Dual Battery System With DC-DC Charger from Zenot

    This is one of our most popular products from Zeno and is a great reader dual battery setup. It is a powerful battery system that provides you with a massive 135 AMP AGM Gel battery. It comes with a two-year warranty and is meant for people who are looking for easy plug and play. The fact that it includes full battery isolation makes it a great use for camping purposes too. 

Advantages Of Choosing Our Services 

If you want to buy a lithium dual battery system, here are some reasons you should start with All 12 Volt:

  1. Safety

    Our products are fully guaranteed and most come with a warranty of a year or two. It means you have nothing to worry about when you purchase our products.

  2. Range In Prices 

    You will find that our prices are pretty reasonable when it comes to portable dual battery systems. We offer this range of prices because there is no one solution for everyone. We promise to ensure the battery system is available at the best possible price to our customers. 

  3. Experience

    We have many years of experience working in this field. So when you buy a lithium dual battery system from us, you can be sure it will last for years. Our vast experience provides us access to all the top brands in Australia which provides you with a wide range of trusted choices.

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