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Cable per meter for all your DIY needs

Why You Need To Look Forward To A 12V Cable?

Cables are a multi-purpose product. For instance, it is something you will need on camping trips. In case you want to pull or tie something firmly, a 12V cable will be the perfect fit for the job. The one thing that you should worry about is the size of the cable. The larger the size of the cable, the safer it will be able to handle the harder and heavier jobs. Having said that, a really big cable may not suit your purposes at all depending on where you are going and what you intend to do. So do your research before purchasing the right cable.

Buying The 12V Cable From All 12 Volt

If you haven’t made up your mind yet, the 12V cable from All 12 Volt should meet your requirements. We are a trusted company that deals with all types and sizes of cables. We make sure that they are strong and durable for the purposes they are intended for. Once you tell us what you need, we will provide several options and ample information to make the right choice.

Different Cable Items That You Can Buy From All 12 Volt 

Apart from providing you with a 12V cable, All 12 Volt offers various other options for you. Here are some of these options:

  • We can provide various options in regards to split tubing. To maintain the 12V cable properly, you need a split tubing option. Whether you would need a 7.0 mm option, 16.3 mm one or 4.5 mm one, we suggest a TWIN CORE CABLE RED BLACK W/ BLACK SHEATH.
  • 3mm is another great option we provide. It is very reasonably priced between $1– $20 making it easier to buy a 12V cable based on your budget and the size required.
  • If you need a bigger option, you can go for a 5mm SINGLE CORE CABLE RED which is also available at our stores. They are available in the range of $1.10 – $22. Because of our easy payment options, you can pay for it in very low instalments. It is perfect for all kinds of DIYers and should work very well for you.

Merits Of Choosing All 12 Volt 

If you need a 12V cable, you should choose our services. See why you should be choosing All 12 Volt:

  1. Payment In Instalments

    Although the products we provide are very affordable, it is only natural that customers may look for easier ways of paying for their purchases. For example, you need a particular 12V cable but you are unable to make the payment right away. You can instead pay in instalments, making it easier and more convenient for you.

  2. Suitable For Travellers

    It’s not just a 12V cable that you would be able to purchase from All 12 Volt. In case you have to buy other items meant for travelling, you can choose from a wide variety on our website. We have got products you may need for your camping and hunting.

  3. Vast Experience

    Another big advantage in choosing the services of All 12 Volt is that we have more than three decades in the business. Our vast experience has allowed us to serve thousands of satisfied clients, many of whom are now repeat customers.

To talk to our friendly team, please call 02 4656 4643 now! You can also write to us at if you wish to know more about our services.

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